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A great idea only becomes great once it's seen, shared and experienced.

With an array of solutions to meet your strategic communications needs, let me help you stand out and connect with who matters most to you, with what matters most to them.

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If you're tired of tossing money at marketing trends that don't seem to move the needle, you've come to the right place.

When marketing plans fail, a lack of strategy and planning are usually to blame. Launching on the latest social platform is seductive, but does it help your business?

I work with companies to create bespoke communications strategies that serve not only as roadmaps from which you can make smart, efficient decisions, but also function as operational support so that you and your teams don't spend valuable time chasing the next big thing. I'm also available to create communications plans and advise at the management and C-suite levels.

core services:


From developing messaging, audience and competitive analysis, channel development and strategic long-term planning, we can work together to fit your needs.


Available to support in-house teams through transitional periods, liaison with agency partners, manage one-off projects, as well as audit your comms operations.


I can help you connect point A to point Z in your marketing mix to make sure everyone is working from the same playbook. 



Roadmaps and more for talking about who you are and what you're offering to the people who mean the most to you.

mind the gap

change management

Need temporary in-house communications support? How about an "agency whisperer" who can help you get the most out of that new contract you just signed? 

marketing integration

bringing it together

Executing communications plans within an organization can be a balancing act of what internal stakeholders want and what your strategy is designed to do. I can help you create processes to accomplish both.

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I’m erin.
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Connecting with other human beings shouldn't be as complicated as we make it. Let me help you bring some clarity to the chaos.

After more than 20 years working with the world's most notable brands and media companies, I understand what a quagmire "communications" can be for an operation. The temptation to jump on what's trendy is real, and understanding what works takes experience. This is where I come in.

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This is the fun part. Find a 30-minute window of time that works for you and we can talk through your goals, your pain points and determine together what you might need. 



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Though I generally try to stay away from too much "thought leadership" or pontificating - you'll never catch me calling myself a "maven" - but once in a while something will strike my fancy enough to expound on an article, trend or opportunity within the marketplace. 

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